Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Did you get a chance to check out Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party last night. The 1-hour premiere came on last night and Wiz Khalifa and Seth Rogen were the first guest. Just like Rogen said, that was weirdest group of people on stage at once. It was very awkward, from Wiz bringing a gift bag full of "Khalifa Kush" to Seth dabbing on stage, however, it was also very funny.

The show opened up with Snoop and Martha having a drink called "Laid Back" that Snoop created.... which also looked pretty good. The drinks were getting them prepared for the Chicken Fry-off that was about to take place. Wiz and Martha were up first and of course Martha's fried chicken was not your fried chicken that you are used to, but Wiz showed off his whip skills while assisting. Snoop added a special ingredient of potato chips to his fried chicken to make sure it was on point. Then, to seal the deal and judge the best chicken, Ice Cube came through to make the final decision. Martha ended up winning the competition, taking home the Fried Chicken Champion Belt. Anderson Paak closed out the show with a live performance that got the crowd dancing.


This show is definitely when the hood meets Hollywood and I am all the way here for it. What did you think about the show if you got to watch it? Will you be watching more episodes? Next week, Rick Ross and Supermodel Ashley Graham will be on the show. 

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