Saturday, November 12, 2016


If you haven't heard Kevin Hart's mixtape What Now? by now, you clearly have been sleeping. I'm not saying that you will love it from the beginning to the end, but you will definitely find a fave or two on the tape. "Push It On Me" is one of the singles featured on the mixtape, in which the fans received very well. Not to mention, the song features Trey Songz, which really gave it that umph!

The video for "Push It On Me" was full of beautiful scenery, and eye candy of course. You can catch Trigga on the beach during a sunset with a couple of beauties in bikinis, along with his dog. The screen flips to Chocolate Droppa (Hart's rap alias) dancing in a white jean outfit with no shirt..... cause he's been working hard on that body and it's only right to show it off. The video closes out at a beach side mansion party, in which Keri Hilson makes a cameo, looking fine of course.

Chocolate Droppa may be joking with the rapping, however, if he went to the basement and practiced, he could have bars. I mean he has had rap battles with the likes of Lil Wayne (BET Cypher @ Hip Hop Awards) and Nick Jonas. He also rapped alongside T.I. and 2 Chainz on the mixtape so he is doing his thang, you can't deny that. He also has a record deal with Motown records, so maybe it's not too much of a joke. 

Check out the video for "Put It On Me" below!


Bonus video: Check out this fun Rap Battle between Chocolate Droppa (Kevin Hart) & Vanilla Wafter (Nick Jonas)


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