Thursday, October 27, 2016


It's looking like Pop-Up Shops are becoming the thing to do and The Weeknd has decided to join the fun. The singer announced a "Starboy" pop up shop that will run from Nov. 4-6 and feature items from his clothing line.

The merchandise includes T-Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, Music and much more. There are even XO socks added in the mix and some cute XO hats. A few of the t-shirts have sold out already on the website but I'm sure that they will be restocked for the pop-up shops. You can visit The Weeknd's online store to get a look of what will be available. While there, you can also sign up to get notified about the pop-up shops if you are interested. 

November is a good month for Weeknd as he preps for the pop-up shop, as well as his album that drops on the 25th. Will you be supporting the album, pop-up shop, or both? If there is a pop-up shop in Detroit, I will definitely be there to get some things I had my eye on!

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