Saturday, September 3, 2016


Last month r&b singer Monica's hit song "So Gone" took over social media & was brought back to fame over 10 years since it's debut in 2003. The Missy Elliott assisted track saw fans put their own twist on the song with the #SoGoneChallenge that flooded many timelines on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, many of which where reposted by Monica herself. 

Rapper Ad Lib, decided to join in on the challenge & added his very own hip-hop flavor to the record in a way that many will surely enjoy. He has now released his cover with his intertwined verse that brings the overall song to a new level.

Check it out after the jump.

"I grew up in the 90's where when rappers would jump on a r&b artists song to remix it the actual verse had lyrics that spoke on what the actual song was about. These days many rappers do remixes that have nothing to do with the original song & all they talk about his flashy cars & expensive lifestyles, that's not's called collecting a quick check." says Ad Lib

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