Thursday, September 29, 2016


Gucci has literally been non stop since he got home with his music. I mean, I know I say that every time I write an article about him but am I lying? I'm sure the list of people who wanted to collab with him while he was gone is super long and he is knocking them out one by one. This time, the fans really got what they wanted with this Lil Wayne and Gucci collabo. The rap duo teamed up for "Oh Lord" which is featured on The Birth of a Nation soundtrack.

First off, I'm glad that these two are calling on the right person. I mean, who better to call on than the Lord! Guwop lets you know that he is street but also Godly, so don't get it twisted. Then Weezy follows up with his verse about the rocky relationship between him and Cash Money. He also talks about despite everything that he has gone through, he could never lose sight of his faith and how he has a family to feed. 

Both of the rappers stripped down in the song and let a little emotion show. Y'all take a listen to the track below and see if you are feeling it. Will you be going to see The Birth of a Nation? The soundtrack will be released tomorrow, September 30th, while the movie won't hit theaters until October 7th.

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