Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Nowadays, the internet can be so harsh, especially toward celebrities. It seems like people tend to forget that celebrities are human beings just like them and things can get so out of hand. Well, Tina Knowles-Lawson (Beyonce' and Solange's mother) is clearly over it and challenged everybody to 30 days of positivity.
Knowles Lawson took to her Instagram account making the post about spreading nothing but positive energy, thoughts, comments and vibes. She also let us know that the "Karma Angels" are watching us. The challenged also consisted of no gossiping (who doesn't enjoy a good ole gossip session every now and then), and keeping it cute or keep it mute.

This is honestly something that people should try. Anybody that follows my IG knows that I am frequently sharing positive vibes, just like Ms.Tina. There is already enough negative energy out here and its so easy to spread so why not challenge yourself to something not as easy. It's just something about the positive high, I'll peer pressure you to try it! 

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