Monday, June 27, 2016


Fantasia has been strongly promoting her soon to be released album The Definition Of... on her current tour with Anthony Hamilton. The album is scheduled to drop on July 29th via RCA & her true fans are excited for it's debut. Back in April during one of the tours shows she premiered the song "Sleeping With The One I Love" & the song has that rock/soul vibe that she has been in love with since her last album Side Effects Of You

Weeks ahead of the release of the project she gifts the songs visual with a storyline that many women will be able to relate too. The video has four different character who help to tell the songs story about having unconditional love for that special man. 

Watch the video after the cut.

Meet ROX, the rebel. She snapped on her man and now she's serving the time. But did the crooked system set her up for another crime she didn't commit? 

Meet PAULETTE, the diva. All those fancy diamonds couldn't save her from ending up on the cell block. She always takes what she wants but will she pay the ultimate price?

Meet BRENDA, the church girl. She totes her bible in one hand and a mean left hook in the other. Watch how Miss Save and Sanctified reacts when she catches another inmate with her man.

Meet FANTASIA, the innocent one. She's serving time but didn't do the crime. The only thing she's guilty of is giving her man too much love.

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