Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Marc Jacobs has his eye set on a new muse and he picked her to star in his Fall campaign. The fashion designer picked rapper Missy Elliott as one of his muses for the upcoming campaign. This was definitely a surprise... a pleasant one at that, but we never know who Jacobs is going to pick for his campaigns until the time is here.
According to Marc, Missy is "supa dupa fly" and he goes on to praise her music and talks about how it keeps his team energized while working. Missy has always had a fly type of style, it was different from the average chick and that's what made her stand out. From the bubble suit, to the various track suits, Missy has kept it funky. The music producer will be joined by Sissy Spacek and Genesis P-Orridge for the Fall '16 campaign as well.

Are you hear for the campaign?!

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