Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Many are still in shock & are emotionally hurting after the unthinkable massacre that happened over the weekend in Florida at Pulse. Social media has turned into a big memorial for all the people who unexpectedly lost their lives. Many celebrities have spoken out publicly regarding their hurt of the news & how much we all need to stick together during this time. Out of all the celebrities it his rapper Kid Cudi's response to the matter that bring a sense of comfort & respect. 

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It is definitely no secret that when it comes to the sensitive topic of gays & the hip-hop genre, it's something that many stray away from. After hearing news of the murders Kid Cudi took to twitter to express his deep compassion & support for the LGBTQ community.

I truly respect Cudi for going against the grain on a topic that many heterosexual men in the hip-hop community would probably never speak about. For him to show such a genuine emotion like this says a lot bout his character & during a time like this is when this form of love truly matters. Thank you Kid Cudi!!

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