Thursday, May 19, 2016


Kelly Rowland has truly struck gold with her hit BET show Chasing Destiny & the five girls that have been chosen to be apart of the group have amazing voices. On Tuesday night's episode Rowland put the group together that consisted of Gabby, Ashley, Brianna, Kristal & Shyann & on the show they had there very first performance together as a group where the sung a cover of Drake's very popular track "Hotline Bling"

Check it out after the jump.

All five ladies sung the a cappella rendition of the song & without a doubt blew the crowd away with how tight there harmonies were collectively. Due to the flawless way the put the cover together each lady was able to showcase their vocal talent individually.

Yesterday morning Kelly presented the new group on 'You & Me This Morning' in Chicago where she expressed her excitement for her new found girl group.

"I'm very proud. These ladies are very talented and they're very, very ambitious, and excited, and I'm ready for the world to hear them."

The ladies have been in the studio recording new music for there official debut & the world will have the absolute pleasure of watching the journey continue on Chasing Destiny.

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