Sunday, January 4, 2015


It has been two years since Rihanna released her seventh studio album Unapologetic back in 2012. Recently it was reported that she would be naming her upcoming eighth album R8 & even though rumors have been swirling that she's been working on the project fans have yet to receive any official word from the singer or her label.

Usually her fans know when she's about to release a new album because she usually changes up her hairstyle, but sadly they have been patiently waiting. To add excitement & anticipation for the project a new song has leaked onto the internet entitled "World Peace". As of yet no one knows if this new record will be on the album or if it's a song that has been shelved, but nonetheless this is just a little something to hold fans over until they are able to experience her new catalog of music.

Take a listen after the jump.

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