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Many years ago before many of us were born their was a special art called Music, their were artists who created songs that felt good that was felt beyond just the ear but it hit the heart. At one point in time music was used to get over heartbreak or to dance too, but in more current years the music industries so called artists have discredited the artform of the craft. Sadly the music execs of major labels have done their part in disrespecting the many artists who did it for the pure love of the craft & not because of a monetary benefit. Yes, the industry is a business, but at the same time music should not be about money or popularity but about quality & not quantity. The pure greed for false fame & auto-tuned talent is exactly why execs & fans of true music have forgotten about the real artists of yester year,but now is the time to bring those artists back to the spotlight.

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A legendary diva by the name of Aretha Franklin once sang about "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" & while soulfully singing about it she represented exactly what the lyrics conveyed, yet lack luster artist Rihanna tries to portray being a woman while in the same breath saying "fuck you" to the world. I do agree that everyone is entitled to express themselves but it overall makes the brand of respectful music look bad. Franklin who is a very talented singer has on many occasions during her long career proven why she is a true artist, yet Rihanna who has been seen struggles for her vocals during live performance has been called a true vocalist & the word epic has been associated with her name. For many of you who refuse to except my opinion of her voice think about this:

Singing is a natural & GOD given talent, if a supposed artist has to have their vocals sharpened with the help of studio based tools that is not true talent it is store bought talent & fame. 

Now let's talk about someone who is known as "the voice" which is the one & only Whitney Houston. She is what I like to call a effortless talent that needs no explanation, listen to any of her albums & it speaks for itself. Like many other greats Houston has had a few live performances that were not so great, but it can never be denied that her talent is remarkable on so many levels. Almost since the beginning of her career pop singer Britney Spears has had studio quality singing yet her fans refuse to admit that she just isn't a actual singer but more of a pretty face for the cover of a magazine. I am not saying that Britney is not talented but I am saying that singing just isn't one of her talents.

Now let's talk Brandy aka Ms. Vocal Bible, that nickname was given to her by her fans & with a rightful reason. SInce she burst onto the scene back in the 90's her voice has been very rich & pure. While she has the talent & drive her music has been overlooked for many years & I still can not find a understanding reason as to why. B Rocka gives you soulful r&b a little bit of hip-hop & she knows exactly how to make it all mesh well. Prime example on her album Human she sung a song called "Acapella" & with no beat or instruments she belts the lyrics & all you hear is her pure vocals from beginning to end & it's pure heaven. Even with all of this mainstream radio rarely plays her music yet tracks like "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears that shows no vocal talents & is mostly sounds & instruments being played  & gets media recognition & is climbing music charts.

I know it may seem like I am slandering certain artists but I am simply stating the obvious in my own opinion. I am a true lover of real music & think it should be represented in the best way possible. Music is about talent & nothing else not because it bings in quick money or it sounds good on radio but because the artist has something to say that is worth hearing. Do you think Miley Cyrus will still be twerking at the age of 60? I highy doubt it but I do know that Tina Turner who is in her 60's still rocks out to "Proud Mary" in a respectful way & has been doing so for decades. 

We can all agree that sex sells but is that all their is to sing about? Trey Songz who has a pretty decent talent sings about sex an awful lot & of course it will get played on mainstream radio because it's the easy route to take to get people to look & listen to your sexual fantasies. Whatever happened to the artists who sung those love songs that you felt & understood the story they were trying to tell? These days everyone wants to be a music artist, but many of them don't come close to having what it takes to be a high quality visionary when it comes to this precious craft & what it once reresented. At times I wonder if music will ever go back to when it was pure & sadly I strongly doubt it. I've heard people say hip-hop or r&b is dead which is false because a lot of repespected artists who represent the craft well are still here it's just that they are over shadowed by one hit wonders & people who want fast money. 

Popularity does not equal talent it is simply something that is the topic of conversation at the moment but does not have the qualities to have longevity.

Remember when Michael Jackson gave the world memeorable songs that had substance like "Man In The Mirror" & "Black & White"? MJ commanded our attention with his natural singing voice & unforgettable smooth dance moves, he was a timeless entertainer & that's why he is known as one of the greats. Then their is Chris Brown who has some talent but I feel he is lacking passion for th art. He jumps all over stage to make himself look good & when all else fails he mimics Michaels dance moves & sadly even his classis vocal runs & style & while it's flattering it shows a lack of originality. 

Many artists of the current times has either lost the reason for great music or never knew the meaning at all their is still some their now what it's all about. R&B singer Lil' Mo has been singing from her soul since day one giving us raw vocals & music that can be played at any stage of life. Instead of taking the popular route like some she has gone with her heart & presented music with a message of encouragement & to uplift listeners. 

Another great example is Fantasia who has the singing spirit of a older woman from generations ago.The way she sings with conviction & emotion is just amazing, she makes you feel & experience the lyrics & she pulls you in. Ever since Fantasia was presented to the world on American Idol she has stayed true to her southern sound proving that she doesn't need any extra bells& whistles for the world to understand just how talented she is.

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