Tuesday, April 10, 2012


These past few years have not been very lucky for Lil' Kim her music & her overall brand has been seen as a ongoing joke among a lot of people especially fans of Nicki Minaj. It's been a long time since Kim has rocked a stage in a concert arena, but she has been seen in more intimate settings in small clubs all over the U.S. & also in South Africa & Australia. Some weeks ago Kim revealed that she has not been able to release original material due to legal reasons but now to satisfy fans she will be hitting the stage on her own concert.

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The tour will kick-off on May 13th in Florida at the Vinyl Music Hall where she is expected to recite rhymes from her former 1990's music hits including some of her recent material from her Black Friday mixtape & more. For fans who are looking to attend one of the shows the tickets will be $35 & you can purchase them HERE.

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