Monday, March 26, 2012


For many years fans of New York rapper Lil' Kim have wondered why she hasn't released any new albums prior to her being released from jail back in 2006. Within a past few months Ms. Jones has released a number of songs like "Spend A Milli", "Looks Like Money", "If You Love Me" & many more songs. Even with  the unveiling of those tracks she has failed to break into the music industry & be the queen of female rap like she once was back in the 1990's.

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Just a few days ago Kim released a new single entitled "Keys To The City" featuring Young Jeezy which is rumored to be a sing;e from her untitled forthcoming album, but fans are wondering what the hold up is. Lil' Kim sat down with Dj Envy on Mtv's Sucka Free to reveal some details on her being completely unhappy with her record label & she also gives a exact reason for why she has been absent from the industry that she loves.

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