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When you ask any singer that has come out over the past three decades who influenced, and inspired them to sing you will hear the name Whitney Houston flow out their mouth.  With over 200 million albums and singles sold Whitney Houston reigns as one of the best selling female artists to date.  The vocal powerhouse has inspired all the young female performers around today. Brandy Norwood,  Britney spears, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera just to name a few have all been inspired by Whitney's magical voice, and stunning beauty.  The vocals and beauty of an angel Whitney Houston will continue to inspires us all.

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Whitney graced the music scene in 1985 with a phenomenal four octave vocal range, and a fashion model look.  Her voice not only surprised the world but it was shocking that beautiful powerful voice was coming from such a gorgeous woman.  The perfect recipe for pop stardom.  With songs like "You Give Good Love", "Saving All My Love" "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and "Greatest Love All Of All" she swooned the world and won over the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

If the 80's didn't solidify her as the queen her work in the 90's definitely gave her that title. in the 90's Whitney Houston embarked on an acting career with the box office hit "The bodyguard".  That film and soundtrack catapulted the new actress into the world wide elite of the music business, but one song off of that soundtrack captured our hearts and ears "I Will Always Love you".  The love ballad shot to #1 just after two weeks of its debut.  Making it Whitney's tenth #1 hit, and at being number one for 14 weeks it was the longest running single from a soundtrack to stay at #1 on the charts. Till today no one can replicate the magic that Whitney performed in that song.  Many people have tried but no one can touch her power, and grace. Whitney also starred in other popular films in the 90's such as "Waiting To Exhale", "The Preacher's Wife, and Rodgers, and Hammersteins "Cinderella". 

With a career spanning over 30 years Whitney has accomplished what what most performers only wish they could maintain.  With two Emmy awards, 6 Grammy's, 30 Billboard Music awards, and 22 American Music awards Whitney has truly deserved her title as a queen and pop diva.

Aside from all the negative media, and personal life trials, Whitney will always be in our hearts.  She loved her family, and adored her fans. We rooted for her when she was down, and praised her when she was up. She was and still is a great inspiration to all artists, singers, and performers. She was the mold of all musical powerhouses after her. Being a true model of grace, class, and talent.  Her awesome career and life will never ever be forgotten.

         R.I.P The Legendary Whitney Houston

"I Will Always Love You"

"Greatest Love Of All"

"I Look To You"

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