Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GAYS: The Fight To Be Excepted

Today on The Tyra Show she had a guest on that was involved in a gay exorcism to make him not be a homosexual anymore. I was very speechless while I was watching the show I was very angry and upset. The prophet and overseer of the young boys church were also on the show and they said that being a homosexual is wrong, it's ok to have your opinion but when you try to beat your views and opinions into someone else then that's when it becomes a problem that has to stop. Putting down the gay community has to stop, making gays feel unwanted has to stop, treating the homosexuals as if they don't have a place on this earth has to stop, tearing down someone self-esteem just because they are gay has to STOP!!! Below you will see the video of the so called Gay Exorcism.

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