Friday, June 30, 2023


Ricco Barrino has unveiled the music video for the song 'Let's Dance' on the same day as his younger sister Fantasia's 39th birthday. The video take a trip back in time to the college days as friends express excitement for the nights big party. 

Check out the visual below.
Fantasia spoke exclusively with People about the song & music video,

"Man, what an amazing experience it was talking abut 'Let's Dance' at our company retreat in October of 2022 & here we are, a year later with a completed record with my big bro, Ricco Barrino. The making of the video was a long day, but nothing less than amazing. We had good energy, on great grounds at Tyler Perry Studios on Juneteenth!"

"When I heard the song, I immediately told Ricco, we must do something with this. It's that feel good song anyone will want to listen too. I see this being played at all the house parties, family reunions, etc. LET'S DANCE!!'

The visual features guest appearance by Jazzy Cha, Ricky Smiley, Lil Duval, Shay (Natasha Laurent), India Rackz & Leisha Taft. 

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