Monday, December 5, 2022


Ever since Brandy’s debut in 1994 with her hit & classic single ‘I Wanna Be Down’ she has captivated audiences all over the world. We have seen her career blossom in music & acting for a very long time & seeing her relevancy still in 2022 is amazing to see. The Grammy winner has teamed up with Audible to deliver A New Moon for their Words+Music series. 

Check it out below. 
Brandy has given her fans this amazing live album where they can hear her story through her very own words. She has unveiled all new live versions of her songs ‘I Wanna Be Down’, ‘What About Us’, ‘Almost Doesn’t Count’, ‘Full Moon’ & so much more. Brandy is working on a new studio album that will be released via Motown Records sometime in 2023. 

Stream ‘A New Moon’ HERE

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