Friday, August 13, 2021


For the past week Lizzo has teased her new 'Rumors' featuring Bronx rapper Cardi B. Fans patiently waited as the count down began for the unveiling of the highly anticipated collaboration & they surely didn't wait in vain. It's Friday & the duo have delivered on their promise & given the world the new record with the music video Lizzo wrote the record back in February & she & Cardi address rumors that they have been confront with including one about Young Money rapper Drake.

Check it out below.
Lizzo raps, "No I ain't fu**ed Drake yet" as Cardi delivers, "All the rumors are true, yeah / fake ass, fake boobs yeah ... Cardi ain't popping' / No, that's a machine / nobody listening', they buying them streams."

In the music video directed by Taru Muino the ladies turn into Greek goddesses as a pregnant Cardi recites her rhymes as she sits on her throne. Lizzo recently spoke with Apple Music about the collaboration,

"There was no one else for it. There was literally no one else. From the day the ink dried on her Atlantic contract, I said 'Please get me on a song with Cardi B. She's just funny, I like funny people & she can rap." During their live introduction of the song last night on YouTube, Cardi spoke about the song saying, "It's such a fun vibe, I feel like this is what we needed. We need good vibes that make you wanna jam at the weddings, make you wanna jam at the barbecue."

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