Thursday, November 21, 2019


K. Michelle is one of the most singer/songwriters in the music industry that has proven that she can’t be put into a box. Her music resonates throughout the world & she’s just getting started. The Memphis native is currently on the O.S.D Tour & this past Tuesday evening the show pulled into Philadelphia for a spectacular show. Raw Hollywood’s owner Virgil Wilson was in attendance to experience the magic of Kimberly’s artistry. 

Check it out below.

K. Michelle rocked the stage to perform a medley of fan favorite hits. The Over Some Dick Tour was about K delivering live renditions of her music that she has written about the past men from her relationships over the years. She begun the show with “Where a They Do That At?” & also sung songs “Amen” from the popular 0 Fucks Given mixtape & the highly popular “Can’t Raise A Man”. She even belted out the mainstream songs “The Right One”, & “Love Em’ All” among others. The night wouldn’t be complete with fans getting to experience her new single “The Rain” as we all joined in to sing background vocals. The evening was filled with her telling her personal story of love & heartbreak & preaching a message of healing. 

The show was truly magnificent & if you’ve never seen L. Michelle live then you don’t know what you’re missing. She’s truly a creatively talented Queen!

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