Thursday, September 5, 2019


Nicki Minaj has a professional rap career that has been around for nearly a decade not including the mixtapes she has released long before being signed to Young Money Records. It's been a year since Minaj released the Queen album that birthed the super popular single "Barbie Dreams" & as she has been working on the follow-up project she made a shocking announcement today via Twitter.

Find out after the cut.

Nicki sent her Barbz into a frenzy when she let them know that she would be retiring from music to focus on having a family. She's dating Kenneth Petty & during a live broadcast in August of her radio show Queen Radio she announced that they would be getting married in "about 80 days". 

Nicki Minaj has had a highly successful music career & fruitful empire, but it seems to just be a little too early to completely retire from her rap career. Could Barbie just be trolling the people among social media or could she actually be serious? Only time will tell.

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