Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Cardi B's career is at an all time high & her empire is constantly growing with each day that comes. She already has a highly success debut album with Invasion of Privacy that shot to the top of the charts just hours after it's release, she's won her first Grammy award & is set to star in her first movie Hustlers alongside Latina queen Jennifer Lopez. It is her unique & relatable personality that helped to grow her fanbase, but with the help of her publicist Patience Foster her career has sourced to major television platforms & huge arenas.

More details below.

Within the past year Patience has made it her business to build the Cardi B empire & to defend her friend/client at all costs. Patience has also seen her share of negative publicist from fans & non-fans of the Bronx rapper for the way she handles herself in some situations. Patience has always bounced back & focused on her business & the brands she is building.

According to a Facebook group called Women In PR they are reporting that Patience is no longer Cardi's publicist. They have stated that Cardi now has a brand new publicist who is helping to clean up her public image allegedly due to the fact that she has an upcoming trial.

Their's no concrete proof if this information is in deed true or not, but if it is we can all expect that any official confirmation will not come from Cardi or Patience. If they no longer have a professional relationship it does not mean that they are no longer friend or that the relationship ended on bad terms.... it simply could just be business. As of now this is just a RUMOR, but if their is any truth to this it will be revealed in due time. 

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