Tuesday, July 23, 2019


2018 saw rapper Paputi release the record "Know Your Role" & now he's back with the infectious new single "Do It". The track boasts a heavy hitting beat that delivers a Harlem, NYC vibe with a lyrical flow that caters to the current popular sound of music.

Take a listen after the jump.

Virgil of Raw Hollywood chatted with Paputi saying that the new single has a NY vibe & that is sounds like something coming out of Harlem. He replied on what his inspiration for the song was while writing & recording the banger.

"That's what I'm going for. I live in New York & I got inspired by their sounds of music." -Paputi

With just one listen to the song you can tell what exactly inspired the record which is that authentic hiphop sound that you can only experience from the Empire state.

"Yea I love the vibes & it makes me feel powerful like no one can touch me, like a true New Yorker you don't wanna fuck with."

"Do It" is available on all music streaming services NOW!

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