Monday, June 3, 2019


In the past years Lil' Kim just couldn't catch a break from a seriously overdue & pushed back album to having to file for bankruptcy. A new year bring new drama for the rapper who is now being sued for $15,000.

More details below.

The Brooklyn bred mc is being sued by New Jersey urologist Dr. Gregory Lovallo who is claiming that she is apart of an alleged insurance scam. The $15,000 is for unpaid medical bills, Dr. Lovallo believes that the medical treatment was part of a scam. He also believe that the treatment was part of a insurance scam that she supposedly profited from.

The New Jersey doctor does not go into any extended details as to why he believes the allegations, but says that Kim was "unjustly enriched" from the scam. 

"Based upon information & belief, defendant improperly converted insurance proceeds to his/her own personal use." According to Dr. Lovallo's complain he is suing for $15,000 plus interest including fees for his lawyer. As of now Lil' Kim has not responded to the allegations & if she doesn't respond by next month a judge could possibly put her into default over the case.

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