Tuesday, May 14, 2019


In this day & age their are many people all over the world who emotionally neglect themselves & ignore the things they personally need to genuinely be happy within themselves. While many people continue to cover up their pain on a daily bases & not give themselves the self love they deserve singer Ciara is speaking on it in a powerful & uplifting way. 

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A few days ago on May 10th CiCi released her new album Beauty Marks. The project consists of 11 tracks, but it's the opening track titled "I Love Myself" that tells a very in-depth story that more than enough people can relate to. 

Ciara sings about loving herself & everything it took for her to get to the point where she recognized that she wasn't taking care of herself internally. 

"I been to the bottom, & I've sen the end / wanna forever be together til the end / & I found the problem, it's starts with me / I figured out now what I want, got what I need"

On a daily we see on social media how people do many things to make themselves look good for the world, but behind closed doors they are hurting from past issues & unhealed break-ups that they never healed from.

"Playing hopscotch with ya life / couple heartbreaks til you get it right / sometimes, you gotta fall / sometimes, you lose it all / that's when you get it right / taking shortcuts get ya cut short / never ever settle when you know your worth / you gotta free your soul. you gotta take control / that's how I got it right"

To make the song even more powerful she calls on rapper Macklemore who delivers a striking verse of figuring out your problems & conquering your internal battles so that you can be a better example for yourself & those who look up to you.

"If loving myself's a job, am I doing it? / I got two girls, how do I get through to them? / don't want the gram telling my daughters what beauty is / self love is a bite, keep some extra in the holster / my children, I'm trying to teach them to love themselves"

"I Love Myself" is a MUST listen because of it's relatable & super powerful message. It boasts lyrics of vulnerability & strength all at the same time. Sadly, this amazing track probably will not get the rightful recognition it deserves from the masses. CiCi will bring so much healing with this song to people who feel they don't have the strength to take the journey to rightfully loving themselves.

Self love is so very important & while the journey will get difficult at times, it will be worth it!

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