Friday, May 17, 2019


B2K sent fans into a frenzy when they announced that they were heading out on The Millennium Tour just a short time ago. Ever since the tour kicked off fans have been taking a trip down memory lane as the boys turned men have been performing many of their classic hits. The four members took a brief pause from their sold out tour to grace the cover of Vibe Magazine.

Check it out below.
Much the behind-the-scenes drama within the group has played out in the media over the past years, but the tour brought a sense of hope to diehard fans. While the tour has sold out, it looks like the drama still remains between the members of the group & they have opened up about everything in the new issue of Vibe.

"At the end of the day, we're all grown men & we all live our own separate lives. It's not like we're brothers & best friends & hang out after the tour. Everybody's home. I haven't spoken to any of them. They haven't spoken to me. And you know, that's just that. It's business, but we know what it is. When we come together, the spirit takes over." - Lil' Fizz

"I've been trying to put the group together for 16 years. Just like Fizz said , I never left the group. They like to say the universe, I like to say the price." - Raz-B

"There's always a conversation about business when it comes to the entertainment industry. First of all, most artists that are creative are not administrative. How do you play a show & then go backstage, make sure your numbers are right? It's really difficult." -Omarion

"It's so much going on, & then things get moving & you start to not check on everything the way you're supposed to check on everything. if you not in it for the business & you in it for the fame & the little trinkets, then you just gonna be like whatever. That's the way the industry eventually gets you out of your business. Then you look back like, 'damn I should've been on my shit.'"

It's very easy to understand that all four members are only having any communication with one another for the sole purpose of making money together. It does make one wonder if their relationship has always been this way or is it due to unresolved personal issues with one another...?

Check out the full Vibe Magazine feature HERE.

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