Sunday, March 31, 2019


An hour ago it was reported that 33 year old rapper Nispey Hussle was shot while standing outside of his store in Los Angeles in the Hyde Park neighborhood. While at his clothing company Marathon Clothing he was gunned down. According to some witnesses multiple gun shots were fired.

 More details below.

Two other men were also shot & are in critical condition. Police were on the scene & taped off the area where the shooting took place & paramedics were also seen giving Nipsey CPR. As of right now the suspect(s) are unknown, but oddly just hours before the shooting Nipsey tweeted this message: 

Sadly, the Grammy nominated rapper has been pronounced dead from his injuries from the shooting. Nipsey has had a long association with the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips who are one of Los Angeles largest street gangs. He acknowledged his association with the game back in 2010 during a interview with Complex magazine.

Nipsey Hussle was in a relationship with actress Lauren London & they share a child together who is 2 years old. He also has other children from previous relationships.

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