Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Back in 2002 Sean P. Diddy Combs joined forces with MTV to help develop another music group & in 2003 the group Da Band was formed. the group consisted of six members Sara Stokes, Dylan Dilinjah, Chopper "Young City", E. Ness, Babs, & Freddy P. It's been well over a decade since their 2003 album too Hot For Tv was released & since we haven't heard anything from them since breaking up. According to some fresh news the group will be reuniting very soon.

More details below.

In recent years Diddy's other two group Danity Kane & Day 26 have both reunited & released tons of new music & now it looks like Da Band was to reunite. E. Ness of Da Band revealed during a interview with Battle Trap Rap on Monday (Nov. 5th) that the group will be reuniting later this month  at his upcoming show in Philly.

"We're doing a reunion in Philly man, 4948 N. Broad St. November 17th at the Penthouse man. The whole group is gonna be there. We're gonna turn up, it's gonna be a movie."

During the time short period of time that Da Band was a group that released two hot singles "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That" & "Tonight" that made their way to the Billboard Hot 100. Their debut album Too Hot For Tv went gold, but sadly the group broke-up after the third season of the hit show. 

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