Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Their is no denying that Young Money rapper Drake is a force to reckoned with. He is an artist who always delivers quality music & generates sales that puts him in a wealthy tax bracket. His boyish looks & charming smile is what captivates his loyal fans & he has his eyes set on capitalizing off his talent that has already seen worldly success with the single "God's Plan".

More details below.

The Canadian rapper has a potential game show in the works that will all surround around the hit song "God's Plan". The track that was lifted from the Scorpion album has racked up more than 760 million views where he rhymes about giving nearly $1 million to strangers. 

TMZ has received documentation that reveal Drake has gotten the right to the actual phrase God's Plan to be used for any purpose he chooses to do so. Now that Drizzy has full ownership of the famed phrase he can also use it for merchandise, music, & movies. Basically, the trademark will allow him to once again cash in on the record that has already brought in tons of dough. 

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