Monday, July 2, 2018


It's been a long journey for June's Diary since the group was formed on the BET show Chasing Destiny two years ago. Kelly Rowland & Frank Gatson helped form the group, but Gatson has taken on the manager role for the ladies & have used his expertise to properly mold the group into a powerhouse. The ladies have released music that their fans have loved & even deliver the Male Edition project where they remixed popular song by males artists. Now after a long wait they have finally released an official EP called All Of Us.

Check it out below.

Dear JuneBugs, Wow, we can’t believe its been two years since BET connected the 5 of us. It’s already been such a journey and we are so grateful for all your love and support since Chasing Destiny ended. From releasing our first mixtape ‘Male Edition’ and performing at the Essence Festival to touring with XSCAPE and now supporting Jussie Smollett’s ‘Sum of My Music Tour’, this journey has taken us places we’ve only ever dreamed of. But it hasn’t been easy. Following LA Reid’s departure from Epic Records at the start of 2017, we were released from the label. We’ve faced so many challenges working as independent artists to create music we love, music that inspires us, music that makes us feel, and on our own terms. But all these setbacks have only made us stronger and have brought us closer together. We’ve been working super hard on our debut EP and can’t wait to share our new music with you! Since this is our baby we want to make it perfect for you. Thank you to the Great @kellyrowland Thank You to our musical big brother, Jussie Smollett's imprint Music Of Sound for introducing our EP to the world. We love you Jussie and had a complete blast opening for you this summer and your support has meant the world to us. Our debut EP ‘All Of Us’ is now available! Industry b.s. aside, we believe in music and R&B and this is just the beginning for us. Thank you sooooo much for being patient and riding so hard for us. HUGE shout out to our manager Frank Gatson who’s held us down through thick and thin, even after every “no” and after so many others turned their backs on us. Without him this EP would never see the light of day. We love you and appreciate you all of you! Enjoy. Sincerely yours, June’s Diary
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The EP consists of six tracks including an official remix of the previously released record "All Of Us" that now features rapper Trina. They also collaborated with Empire star & singer Jussie Smollett on the song "Hurt People" that is originally on his album Sum Of My Music. Just recently Jussie hit the road on tour to promote the album & June's Diary joined him in bring all of their music to a broader audience.

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