Tuesday, June 5, 2018


For women & men who are tired of putting up with trifling', good for nothin' type of brotha's Cardi B served the song "Be Careful" on a silver platter. She let her man confidently know that she would destroy him he didn't put an end to his bulls*t. Now, singer/songwriter Tiyon Christian gives his take on the song from a man's perspective with a Hemix of the popular record.

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Christian as usual put his saucy twist on the song as he gave a solid rendition of Lauryn Hill's classic song "Ex-Factor". He layered his vocals in such a pure way that respectively paid homage to the singer.

"Do you though / trust me girl it's cool though / said you was workin' but you out here chasing' chulos
/ wit cho putas chillin' pool side living' two lives / could've done what you did to me a few times/ but if I was the type to slide find a bitch make em' suck my dick / lick the clit maybe hit you'd be pissed."

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