Friday, May 25, 2018


For many years now Kanye West has done a lot to get media attention something many would call publicity stunts, but this time he has gone completely too far. Yesterday the rapper posted a shocking photo to promote Pusha T’s new album & people are upset. 

More details below.

Kanye took to social media to post a old photo of the late Whitney Houston’s drug filled bathroom that is being used for the album cover for Pusha’s album Daytona. It is being reported that he paid $85,000 to gain a license to use the image. 

After Whitney fans saw the image Twitter was flooded with tweets of distaste & they expressed how he has gone too far with using a image that ultimate ended the life of Whitney. 

At what people are more people going to hold Kanye West accountable for his very disgusting & poor actions? To use a image that will blatantly hurt her family was a choice he chose to make. West obviously has major issues that he needs to seek help for. People need to stop supporting such clown behavior & boycott him until he is mentally ready to respectfully be a artist that doesn’t hurt people in the process.  

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