Wednesday, May 2, 2018


The past years have seen a lot of beef happen between female rap artists, but why does it seem like they just can't get a long & co-exist with one another? Well, it looks like a new beef could possible be brewing between Cardi B & Kash Doll over a collaboration that was supposed to happen, but never saw the official light of day.

Get the story below.

Cardi B has been blazing the music charts with her debut offering Invasion Of Privacy that went gold all within the first hours of it's release. According to rapper Kash Doll she was asked to collaborate with Cardi on the album track "She Bad", but was later removed after recording her verse. Fans of Doll feel that this all due to Cardi being jealous of the rising mc. The version that made it on the album features YG, but Doll spoke with her fans on instagram live to let them know what happened.

Aside from giving her side of why she didn't make the final cut, she says that she decided to uplaod her version on soundcloud, but it was blocked by Cardi's team. Kash Doll then played her version on live for fans to hear for themselves.

Kash Doll's version of the song has made it's way online & can be heard below.

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