Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Over this past weekend many fans flocked to the Coachella festival to see many of htier favorite artist perform. The most successful & biggest performance was Beyonce when she rocked the stage & turned it into Beychella. Fans where in attendance & those who watched via YouTube were in complete amazement of how great her set was from beginning to end. During the show & after social media was flooded with major support for the Queen Bey.

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Come Monday morning the queen of all media Wendy Williams took to her famed purple chair on her daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show & totally praised Beyonce. During the broadcast Williams made it known that Bey is the best entertainer dead or alive as she stated, this is my opinion & we can fight alll day I don't care. Beyonce is the greatest performer of all time living or dead." She even mentioned that she is even better as a entertainer then the late Michael Jackson. She provided her own opinion explaining that no one can do what Beyonce does. Most of the audience showed their agreeance with a round of applause.


It's no secret at all that Wendy Williams has said some very controversial things. Yes, Michael Jackson was the most powerful, successful, & entertaining act of his time. He delivered perfromances in a way that many artists during that time weren't doing. With that said I personally agree with Wendy. When you think about the caliber & the level at wich Bey performs at it simply is unmatched. For many years people have said that she is the MJ of our time, but the real truth is she is a lot more comparable to the great Tina Turner. Both Tina & bey had very similar styles of entertaining & performing. This is not taking any of MJ's legacy or talent away, but it's just my honest opinion.

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