Friday, March 2, 2018


Earlier in the week we reported that Remy Ma’s track “Melanin Magic” had fallen off the iTunes music charts due to a low number of sales. While fans love the song, it overall isn’t pushing numbers that was expected during it’s initial release. Their maybe some hope for the single after all, but what exactly?

Find out below.

The Chris Brown assisted single has now surpassed the 2 million streams mark on Spotify making it the latest record from the Bronx rapper to accomplish this. It is very clear that the song isn’t being purchased enough to stay on the iTunes Charts, but is definitely being streamed & the evidence proves that. 

If Remy’s fans aren’t properly purchasing her music what will be the fate of her anticipated album Seven Winters, Six Summers when it’s released later this year? Could it be that fans only truly support when a beef is going on like the one between Remy & Nicki Minaj that happened last year? Only time will tell & the perfect example will be with the release of the album. 


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