Thursday, March 29, 2018


A week ago Bow Wow caused his fans to worry about his well being after he questioned his existence in this world. The rapper who has been in the game since he was a kid took to social media again to sadly reveal that he doesn’t think he will make it to see the age of 35. 

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A fan asked Bow via twitter where he saw himself in the future & he delivered a response that would further cause many to worry.

After his response he began to go on a tweeting spree to express his anger for what is going on around him & tried to get people to understand his view point. He took an aim at his haters along with bloggers who spin stories at the expense of him. 

One person even claimed that Bow Wow had no reason to be angry & his response gave good reason for why he has those feelings.  

Fans began to pour in love & support for the rapper, but even questioned their loyalty to him & questioned why they never defend him when he’s being torn down by the media. 

Some fans tweeted Bow saying how they loved his music one being his classic record with Ciara “Like You”, but he said “means nothing to me”. 

While many may think Bow Wow is doing this all for some form of attention it can be overlooked that he could actually be going through a tough time in his life. He has questioned his existence & said he doesn’t think he will see the age of 35. These are signs that something isn’t right & instead of fans, the media & others ignoring his obvious outcry people need to offer a listening ear. I believe often times people forget how hard it is to live your life in the public eye & how it can take a toll on celebrities emotionally when they are constantly being judged for everything. Hopefully Bow will get all the help needed to put him back into a positive state of mind. 

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