Tuesday, November 7, 2017


News hit the internet that Jay-Z’s tour 4:44 wasn’t brining in successful ticket sales & many had a lot to say, but Jay definitely has the last laugh. So far he has only put on three concerts & the tour is monetarially doing very well. 

More details below.

According to the numbers 4:44 is Jay’s most successful & highest grossing tour. It all comes down to the numbers even though it was reported that the cheaper tickets had a hard time selling out. Billboard did some extensive investigating & the ending result is that Mr. Carter is #winning. 

Factually, the 4:44 Tour is already the rapper’s highest grossing solo tour event everAverage gross for the 4:44 Tour’s completed shows is up 21% over his 2013 Magna Carter Tour.
Jay has already sold more tickets than the entire Magna Carta Tour, and that’s with 30 more shows to go. Something his use of a center-stage instead of a traditional stage has helped make more tickets available per show. This puts him on track to best the gross of any previous solo trek of his.
Promoter Live Nation has been more savvy and aggressive with the pricing of front row seats, VIP experiences and platinum tickets. Hence they’re now commanding record grosses from their best seating inventory – like Jay’s.
This hasn’t been great news for re-sellers and brokers such as StubHub, whose business thrives on selling premium seats for higher prices than face-value.
To off-set this, they’ve snapped up seats in the less sought-after upper bowl areas, re-selling them cheaply and taking a loss.
The benefit for Jay and Live Nation is that they’ve created the perfect storm of sorts that sees them generate huge revenue very early on and still have tickets available via re-sellers that go for cheap (e.g. $25).
The primary wins, then, are for Jay (who is confirmed to be taking a 7-figure sum per show), Live Nation, and fans who – if they look in the right places – can snap up cheap tickets to see their idol. 

To be perfectly honest, regardless of the 4:44 tour was a major flop Jay is still winning. Granted, no business person ever wants to lose money but will it set him back if he did? Most likely not. 

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