Monday, November 27, 2017


Six long years since Brandy has given us a new album & fans are more than ready to enter a new chapter of her world of music. While no new details have been unveiled on a new album she is still in the studio perfecting her magical craft. The Vocal Bible looks to be calling on non other than Sam Smith for a collaboration that we can imagine will be super epic. 

More details below.

During a new interview, Brandy revealed that she has already worked with Sam Smith not once but two times. She is prepping herself to take a tour of South Africa sometime next month, but before that she reveals some deets on her forthcoming work. 

"I worked with Sam Smith for the first time four years ago, and then again recently. And now I'm one of his biggest fans. It's so great to hear what they [artists inpsired by her] listen to and what they like," she adds.   

Brandy reveals that she doesn't want to "put herself in a R&B box," saying: "I love hip-hop and jazz. It all makes sense to me and my reentry into the music industry." 

In the past Sam Smith has showed his appreciation for Brandy during the time when she released the song “Beggin’ & Pleadin” back in 2016. 

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