Friday, October 27, 2017


As months go by Mary J. Blige & ex-husband Kendu Issacs divorce continues to get even more messy. Earlier in the week it was reported that Issacs wants more money from the singer, but accessing to new info she doesn’t think he deserves it. 

More deets below.

Fresh details via TMZ say that Mary feels that he actually owes her money. The both of them are in debt which they shared as a married couple & she wants him to cut her a check worth $6 million. The home that they shared is worth negative $11,622,614 that is mostly owed to the IRS. Blige wants Issacs to pay her $5,990,357 since they are both responsible for the debt. 

Also, Mary feels she doesn’t owe him anything since she has taken on the responsibility of the big debt which he hasn’t helped to resolve. 

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