Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Tiyon Christian is one of the best singer/songwriters that the music industry has to offer. He is widely known to have collaborated with the likes of Brandy, Backstreet Boys, just to name a few but fans know that he has a very close relationship with Tamar Braxton who he has worked with many times over the years. Raw Hollywood's own Virgil Wilson had the pleasure of chatting with T.C. & it was an absolute pleasure.

Watch the interview below.

During the interview T.C. spoke about his newly released three song EP entitled Tres Love & gave fans some insight on the inspiration behind the very relatable songs. He was asked who some of his music inspirations are that have helped to mold him into the artist he is today & he named many of the worldly greats that we all love. Mr. Christian even dropped some knowledge on what people should learn about the music industry before deciding to enter the crazy world of entertainment. One of the biggest highlights of the interview is when he sung a song called "Dear Love" from the EP a cappella & as per usual his vocals were nothing short of pure.

I must say that this interview with T.C. has been one of the best interviews that I have ever done. He showed such humbleness & was simply a kind person. Raw Hollywood has supported T.C. a lot over the years & that is because he is a amazing talent that must be witnessed by many because he has a gift that can not be duplicated in any way.

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