Sunday, June 25, 2017



Tons of celebrities have flocked to Los Angeles for this years BET Awards where private parties & lavish living will also be taking place. Among most of the celebs in attendance will be Lil' Kim who is looking to turn up, but unfortunately some drama is following her. 

More details below.

According to law enforcement the rap veteran had plans to rent out a home for a party, but when she showed up to the house at 2 am to check it out & see if she like it she didn't. Immediately she & her crew demanded that they receive their money back, but the owner didn't want to return it & a argument erupted. 

They cops were called & when they showed up they voiced that the issue was a civil matter & they couldn't do anything so they left the scene. Kim & her squad left, but later around 4 am a group of people who were wearing ski masks & weapons burglarized the home & surprisingly took Kim's deposit for the house party & some cash that totaled $20K. It was also reported that the robbers also took a hubcap & slashes the tires of the vicitim's car. Now, the LAPD has officially launched a robbery investigation. 

It's very surprising that with the issues that Lil' Kim is going through with losing her New Jersey mansion due to failing to pay her mortagage that she could have possibly gone to new heights of criminal activity or being a person of interest. 

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