Monday, January 23, 2017


Kelly Rolwand hasn't released a studio album in 3 years with Talk A Good Game & we've all been waiting for some new material to surface. While she has been working on other side dealings with television & putting together her very own girl group June's Diary, she is preparing us all for the delivering of a new project. 

More deets below.

While Rowland has been busy with other things she certainly has not forgotten about the music. In a new interview she stated that the new album will be taking over the dance floors. She chatted with Lenny Letter & she had this to say about the album:

"It's happy. I said I wanted to record full of up-tempos. A lot of my albums and songs have been slow, except for tracks like "Commander" or "When Love Takes Over". I said I wanted this record to be happy because we need that right now, more than ever. That's where my heart is."

It is no denying that when Kelly took over the dance scene the music had a strong crossover appeal that brought in new fans especially overseas. Mixed with the way she slays a stage with choreography & brand new up-tempo tracks she can surely dominate 2017 in a big way!

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