Friday, January 27, 2017


It is no secret that many celebrity media outlets greatly enjoy misconstruing the words that come out of the mouths of celebs for a catchy headline. While this is very true, Kelly Rowland is not having it whatsoever.

Get all the deets below.

Rowland recently did a interview with the NYPost to promote the upcoming Lifetime movie 'Love By The 10th Date' that she will be starring. In the film there's a storyline that deals with the topic of bi-sexuality & she was asked about it & she gave her thoughts on how the character could have chosen to deal with the situation in a different way. According to the above statement Kelly didn't say anything that could be deemed as disrespectful to people of the LGBTQ community which is very obvious.

“There are some women who are not finding the real truth about their partner’s sexuality until they go through their man’s phones,” says Rowland. “But it happens with guys too, not just women. I can’t tell someone how to feel about dating someone who is bisexual or had a past gay experience, but it’s proper to ask in today’s times.” -says Kelly (Source NYPost)

The real fact is that media outlets who constantly twist the words of celebrities during interviews only do it to make headline news & it shows that they lack true & professional journalism skills. 

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