Sunday, January 29, 2017



This weekend millions of Americans are extremely outraged after new U.S. president Donald Trump has tried to ban the immigration of muslims are 7 different countries. Everyone have taken to social media including celebrities to voice how much they are disgusted with his immature actions. All over the world protests have begun including at JFK airport in New York & various other places. 

Rihanna spoke out on the matter & strongly voiced her dislike for Trump. To make things even worse, Azealia Banks decided to attack Riri for her opinions. 

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As you can see about in the instagram post, Banks questions if the singer is even an American. She made the comment to basically question if she has the right to voice her opinion on the matter at hand. Quite honestly, regardless of someone is a American or not we should all agree that you don't need to be a citizen to recognize when clearly racist things are going on in the world. For someone like Azealia Banks who can barely catch a break because of her unfiltered & disrespectful comments you would think she would learn to be quiet. 


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