Thursday, December 8, 2016


Ladies..... Lloyd is back!! Ever since he released his first song to let us know that he was back, that fans have been anxiously awaiting more. He then let us know that he was giving us a new project and revealed the track listing, building the anticipation up even more. Lloyd called on Lil Wayne to assist with yet another track, which is titled "Holding". If you are a Lloyd fan, then you will definitely love this track.

"Holding" finds the Atlanta crooner singing about a "special kind of lady". You can say that Lloyd was giving the fans a little more taste of what is to come on his EP Tru. While, we are speaking on the EP, it actually drops tomorrow! Will you be checking it out? It only features 5 songs, however, so far from what we have heard, it sounds like he will be bringing us some bomb new music. I'm anxious to hear the "Heavenly Body" track that features Rick Ross. I can already tell by the name that the song is gonna be on some sexy ish.

Check out "Holding" below and let us know if your digging it or not.

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