Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Kanye West has been having a shaky week and he has finally been admitted into the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The rapper has been having all types of outburst lately, and while fans are used to it, some knew that these weren't his normal rants. He's probably fighting more demons that any of us actually know about and he just needs positive vibes and energy around him at this point.

It all started with Kanye West going on a rant about how he supports Donald Trump and how he would have voted for him if he voted. I wonder why he didn't vote though.... things that make you go hmmmm. After that Trump rant, a few days later, he proceeded to talk about Jay Z (again) and Beyonce. Apparently he felt snubbed with rumors of Bey winning Video of the Year for "Formation" at the MTV Awards. After that rant that went on for damn near forever, Kanye dropped his mic and walked off of the stage. He later cancelled the remaining of dates for the Saint Pablo Tour citing that he wanted to be able to give fans his best. Other sources cited exhaustion, however, I definitely think that it is more than that.

Everybody can try to speculate what may be wrong or what's going on with Kanye, but only he knows. I just hope that he gets the right help for whatever he is going through and I hope that he has a lot of support... genuine support. We will keep Mr. West in our prayers and hopefully he comes back to normal soon.

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