Sunday, November 27, 2016


K. Michelle has come a very long way since her journey from Memphis, Tennessee & time after she proves why she should never be overlooked. She has been in the process of recording her fourth studio that'll be the follow-up to More Issues Than Vogue that was released back in March, but ahead of it's debut she is doing all she can to empower others.

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Michelle will be launching the "Be Human" music seminar series that will begin in February 2017. The seminar will be three hours long that'll be a one on one event for women where she will be speaking to the ladies along with singing some of her music & so much more. 

Tickets for the "Be Human" seminar will go on sale starting on January 1, 2017. Say what you want about K. Michelle, but everything that people said she couldn't do she has surely surpassed many naysayers expectations. Countless times she has told the industry not to put her into a box of only being able to create only r&b music & she has proven them wrong by showcasing her skilled talent as a music artist with a multi-cultural sound. With this very innovative seminar she will continue to climb that ladder towards the full circle of success.

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