Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Let me see you dance for me..... dance dance dance! That's exactly what I want to do every single time I hear "Ballerina" by rapper Belly. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that wondered what the video was going to be like to go with the song. Well, he dropped the video and it's just what you think it would be.... ballerinas.... with a twist!

The video for "Ballerina" features a beautiful woman that showcases her different dance styles. She's shown practicing her true ballerina moves, as well as her exotic dance moves. She switches between looks of leotard and tutu while rehearsing in what appears to be a theater, then to an un-buttoned men's shirt and panties while she practices at home. Finally there's the sexy black number that she rocks to accompany the sexy dance moves that she showcases.

Belly, who is signed to Roc Nation released the video for "Ballerina" a few days ago, however, the track was featured on his mixtape Another Day In Paradise which was released back in May of this year. Watch the video below and fellas, get ready for some eye candy.


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