Thursday, November 3, 2016


2 Chainz released a video for "Countin" which was featured on his mixtape Hibachi 4 Lunch that was released last week. Many people have been sleeping on the mixtape because it came out the same time that Jeezy and Meek Mill dropped their highly anticipated albums. Though the mixtape was slightly overshadowed, it still goes hard as usual.

The video for "Countin" shows 2 Chainz in a department doing what he does best..... balling out. It honestly looked like a big game of Freeze Tag being played in the store as everyone that was featured in the video was stuck at a stand still. The only way you were able to move is if 2 Chainz touched you, in which he made sure to leave everyone froze but a select few. 

The video is not doing too much, just enough to go along with the stuntastic track. Check it out below and also you can listen to Hibachi 4 Lunch here.


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