Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Robin Thicke, long time no hear from! He decided to drop some new music and he reached out to Nas to assist with the track. "Deep" is the title and yes it does get pretty deep on the song (you like what I did with that title right?! LOL). Nas kicks it off rapping about police brutality, specifically on our black men, acapella.

Thicke follows up singing about relationship issues per usual. The beat gives a good vibe as Robin puts those sweet vocals to it. Nas comes back and speaks on Trump running for president and speaks on some relationship issues of his own rapping,
"You making our lives harder, You like the argument queen, its woman out here going hard, doing positive things. Slam dunkin in games, directing movies like Selma. World startin' to change and you actin the same".

As for now there is no word as to if the "Deep" will appear on Thicke's album that will be coming out. For right now, enjoy this new track!

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